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In need of an underground irrigation system? Call today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate for your lawn care needs.

A poorly designed installation can lead to pesky and expensive costs to the customer. We’re proud to say, we’ve been installing sprinklers in the Lincoln area and beyond for over 40 years! From the backflow preventer to the sprinkler head in the furthest corner of your yard, you can count on our team to help decide what is best for your unique yard no matter the situation. Beginning with measuring and scoping each yard we will assist you in determining what is best for optimum performance for the lawn based on the water pressure and water service size. Rest assured that before during and after the installation we will be there to walk you through any and all questions and concerns you have. It is just as important that you know how to use your system as it is to have the system installed correctly. We will walk you through your controller upon completion and will be there to help winterize your system for the first time!

Service &

Is your lawn in need of an upgrade, repair, or tune up? Give us a call, we will be glad to help.

At Lincoln Underground, we want to create a relationship that lasts a lifetime. With our service and repair packages, you’re sure to have the most optimal system on the block. In Nebraska, sprinkler systems can freeze, crack, and break if poorly serviced. Our technicians go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

Activation &

Don’t get stuck with freezing pipes and frustrating, expensive breaks and repairs. Lincoln Underground can activate and winterize your system to ensure optimal performance year-round. It can be extremely frustrating, time-consuming, and risky to navigate through all of the technicality of winterizing and activating your lawn. Give Lincoln Underground a call to ensure quality and timeliness each and every time.


Nebraska Grade 6 Backflow Prevention Certified

As Nebraska Grade 6 Backflow Prevention Certified specialists, we service:

  • Reduced pressure assemblies (RP)
  • Double check assemblies (DC)
  • Pressure vacuum breakers (PVB)
  • Spill resistant vacuum breakers (SVB)

These devices are used to prevent backflow, which is the undesirable reversal of flow of water or other liquids, gases or other substances into the potable water supply. Backflow can result from back-siphonage or back pressure. 

We service and install Hunter & Rainbird products



Rotary Sprinklers
A complete line of Residential and Commercial rotors for virtually any project.
MP Rotator®
The MP Rotator® is a revolutionary sprinkler setting a new standard for water efficiency in the turf and landscape industry.
Spray Sprinklers and Nozzles
Durable pop-up sprinklers with nozzle options to fit almost all smaller landscape areas.
Reliable, easy-to-service, long lasting, and with a variety of installation options.
Easy to program and work with our Sensor products to help insure efficient irrigation.
Central Controllers
Controllers for those projects that require more sophisticated water management.
Reliable, water-saving devices that are a must for any irrigation system.
Proven Water Saver Products
Products that help conserve water by creating the most efficient irrigation system possible.
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